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I am running for Assembly Delegate AD 46 to support and advocate for progressive leaders, policies and candidates that support:

  • Medicare for All

  • COVID-19 relief monthly payments

  • Progressive Immigration Pathways

  • Green New Deal

  • Racial Justice

  • Black Lives Matter

  • End wars

  • Reallocate Police Budgets

  • Fund Social Services

  • Equitable education

  • Fiscal Transparency and Accountability

  • Housing Justice for Renters

  • Affordable Housing that locals can afford

  • LGBTQIA+ Rights and Justice

  • Small Business Relief

  • Cancel Debts

  • Advocate for educators and students at all levels of education

Why I'm Running

I'm running because I understand that EVERYTHING is POLITICAL. I believe in being civically involved and part of the change we want to see in our society. It would be my honor to be elected as one of your AD46 Delegates for the CA Democratic Party.

I run because for too long I've been hopeful that "someone" will advocate and prioritize the issues that matter to me and my neighbors because it affects our daily lives, and I've seen progressive leaders don't always have the support they need. I don't always seeing my values prioritized in the political process which is why I understand I HAVE TO be involved. We need people from the community in these decision making spaces because those decisions have long term impacts on all our lives.  


I ran for office the first time as a people powered candidate in the 2020 General Election for the LACCD Board of Trustee Seat 1, to push for fiscal accountability and advocate for student’s basic needs. I was driven by to run because of the injustices our students are experiencing such as chronic housing and food insecurity for too long, which affects their ability to meet their educational goals. I will continue to honor the over 290,000 voters that helped me earn 2nd place that want bold and genuine change FOR THE PEOPLE. I have many lived experiences as a first generation college student and daughter of immigrants. I love our diverse and wonderful L.A. communities and cultures, and will fight for everyone to have access to a better quality of life, especially our most vulnerable.

I’ve dedicated my career to serving our students, families and under resourced folks. I was part of NEW Economics for Women Family Source Center, Van Nuys. I have been an educator for over 13 years: as an EOP Peer Advisor in College, High School College Advisor, Special Education Assistant, LAUSD Teacher. I've also worked with small businesses, churches, and libraries in AD 46 to provide services as a Covered CA enrollment counselor.

Currently I’m part of EmpowerLA, where I train and advise Neighborhood Council leaders who work with the City to address the needs in their communities. I help lead Citywide Elections Outreach projects, focusing improving outreach to all stakeholders including marginalized voices such as formerly incarcerated and undocumented folks. I am part of the Citywide Homelessness Liaisons work group where I help facilitate meetings to provide NC leaders resources from the City and community organizations.

In my personal time I’m a member of the Feel the Bern SFV Club, Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of LA County, San Fernando Young Democrats, Volunteer Coordinator at Urban Partners LA Food Bank, Coordinator with the South Central Mutual Aid Team. I do my best to spread kindness, compassion and assist folks with questions about social services resources, jobs, education and civic engagement.

Ways to support


I need your support to become an AD Delegate. Please help share the outreach graphics and website to folks via word of mouth, text, social media posting, call, or email.

As a grassroots candidate I don't accept corporate donations or special interest money. I rely on contributions and support from community members. Thank you to folks who contributed funds to help pay for outreach materials.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn about my campaign and doing your civic duty to vote in this election.


Karen Hernandez



Educator, Servant Leader, Progressive

Endorsement Feel the Bern SFV
Endorsement Feel the Bern SFV

Grateful for the support of the Feel the Bern SFV Democratic Club. I commit to supporting progressive policies and candidates.

LAUSD Teaching
LAUSD Teaching

As an educator I've worked with diverse students and families. I know our teachers and students need resources to provide an equitable education. I support UTLA and teachers! #StudentsFirst #ThankATeacher

Coordinating Community Service Volunteers
Coordinating Community Service Volunteers

I led multiple tree planting projects with students, community members, and local representatives. We must address environmental racism in our LA communities and ensure everyone has access to green spaces, clean water, clean air because people's health are impacted long term due to the environmental conditions they live in.

IAP/EOP Peer Advisor
IAP/EOP Peer Advisor

I am committed to serving students and families because I am a product of the power of education. As a first generation student I have accomplished so much because of the help of my peers, counselors and educators that have guided me and supported me in the good and challenging times. The education system across the board is complex and confusing, especially for working class families. I advised students and facilitated workshops to provide guidance about navigating the college journey.

LGBTQIA+ Rights Advocate
LGBTQIA+ Rights Advocate

We need justice for our LGBTQIA+ communities to support the safety, joy, and well being of all our neighbors. I identify as bi and understand that it is so challenging for many LGBTQIA+ folks to live freely because of the discrimination and violence that they may experience because of their identity. Through my experiences I've held space and provided support to students, colleagues and peers and celebrate and speak up for LGBTQIA+ rights.

People Powered Candidate
People Powered Candidate

I ran for office for the first time for the LA Community College Board of Trustees Seat 1 because students leaders wanted a leader who will put students needs first! 1/5 students of the over 230,000 students population was unhoused in 2016. Inequality in LACCD has worsened with the digital divide and higher rates of students facing food and housing insecurity. We can do better with the $5 billion LACCD budget. We need justice for students.

Labor Rights Advocacy
Labor Rights Advocacy

I am grateful to the unions that protect our workers and I've benefited as an employee from labor unions. I have protested with as a teacher with the UTLA union and student with UC Berkeley unions.

Medicare for All
Medicare for All

Karen worked as a part-time Covered California enrollment counselor providing outreach and enrollment at churches, libraries, shopping centers and one on one appointments. Karen understands the healthcare system is complex and challenging for many folks, especially ones who need it the most in our working class communities. She will advocate for Medicare for all.

Environmental Justice Leader
Environmental Justice Leader

At a young age I've been an activist because I saw the direct impact of environmental injustice in my community and how it affected my family's health. We must pass a Green New Deal and change the devastating pollution fossil fuels has on our planet. I was part of the first Tree Summit LA where City and Environmental leaders convened to discuss the way forward to increase our LA urban forest. A lack of tree canopy has many negative effects from higher rates of diseases such as asthma.


Lake Balboa, Van Nuys, Valley Glen, Panorama City,

North Hills, Valley Village, Valley Glen,  Studio City,

Hollywood Hills, Toluca Lake, Silver Triangle,

Sherman Village, part of North Hollywood

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