I am fighting for our students to have their basic needs met to help them achieve their educational goals.

  • Students are facing chronic housing insecurity, low transfer rates, and limited access to career technical programs.

  • Include students and faculty in the decision making process to ensure end the fiscal mismanagement by the incumbents and ensure transparency of the $5 billion dollar budget.

  • Access to technological resources to support our students continue their educational journey during this challenging time.

  • Expand scholarships, grants, and, vouchers to support access to technology and supplies.

  • Fund access to health care services and mental health services.

  • Reimagine campus safety

  • Fully fund access to culturally relevant programs

  • Improved environmental friendly transportation options for students to safely commute, especially in the evening (once it is safe again to attend campus in person).


​​Racial Equity and Justice for Students​

I'm running to end the corruption on the LA Community College Board of Trustees. The LA Time’s has reported numerous incidents of fiscal mismanagement of the $5 billion dollar LACCD budget and the backroom deals with developers and special interests. It is time for bold and brave leadership to end business as usual. The challenges are unique as a result of this unprecedented global pandemic. We also see how racial inequalities are deeper as our students navigate a new barrier, the digital divide. This along with the need and access for technological equipment, working space and materials making the issues compound.

We believe in funding the access to free laptops and learning resources to support our students to continue their educational journey during this challenging time.

We saw an enormous rise in the need in laptops, and internet which are essential whether or not we’re in a pandemic. We see a pandemic of apathy across our education Boards, where faculty, staff, and teachers keep getting the short end of the stick, overburdened and under resourced, while the higher ups keep getting richer, with increased salaries and special interests helping fund the political careers of the incumbents instead of being innovative in helping our majority of LACCD students who come from working class backgrounds.

The majority of LACCD students are from communities of color and working class backgrounds. We must help fund grants for essential needs, vouchers for free or reduced laptops, text books, and meals. We must fund access to basic health care services and provide preventative health care and more specialized services. We have the opportunity with a $5 billon dollar budget, more than the LA City budget, to fund a unique accessible, affordable college for our LA communities.

Fund Culturally Relevant Educational Programs

Fund culturally relevant advising, expand access to The  are from working class families, 57% are Latino/Latinx, 10% African-American, 15% White, 7.2 Asian, and 2.4% Pacific Islander. Our students have intersectional cultural assets, and also challenges as our diverse student population includes LGBTQIA+ students, undocumented and DACA students, a diverse ages, multilingual, multicultural, and veterans. This is why we must expand Educational opportunity student services (EOPs), holistic student advising with a culturally relevant background such as the UMOJA program, fund on campus organizations and clubs to promote unity, diversity, and support student success. We will help expand student job opportunities that are great experiences for long-term careers, and pay living wages, and increase scholarships and grants for supplies and basic needs.

Student Basic Needs Matter for Success

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we need to have our basic needs met such as food, security, physical health/sleep, and shelter in order to continue to self-actualization. The majority of students in LACCD are facing food and housing insecurity that has worsened in this pandemic.

We know some of our students students have families they’re helping sustain, working one or more jobs, living pay check to pay check, or looking for work.

Over 30% of the LA Community College students are enrolled part-time and 50% have a goal to transfer. We must help support the basic needs of our students to help increase the transfer rate and help students achieve their educational goals.

Reimagining Public Safety

Did you know that $11 million dollars which were given to the Sherriff’s Department for the budget 20-21 for the fiscal year?


We understand there are alternatives to a police system and there are professionals that are better equipped to bring peace, order, and safety to our campuses, trained with a restorative justice focus and de-escalation practices. We have seen educators, teachers and mental health workers de-escalate situations which are made worse when police are involved.

We have the opportunity as voters and with the taxpayer dollars, fund the training of our future community safety coordinators, where de-escalation tactics and implementation are the focus, and there is a fundamental philosophy of restorative justice in the training program. Defunding and reallocating the budget to prioritize increased job training for today’s world. We must also prepare our student population of over 200,000 LACCD students to be a respectful and thoughtful global citizen and defund the criminalization of working class communities of color. We have seen there is a need for reimagining our justice system and policies.

Improved transportation options, via partnerships and our diverse and knowledgeable student pool, collaborate with local partners to have safe ride share, access to affordable multiple modes of transportation, and buses/shuttles especially for evening commuter students.